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los angeles commerical development
los angeles commerical development
los angeles commerical development
los angeles commerical development
los angeles commerical development
los angeles commerical development

ATP Commercial Development
Los Angeles Commercial Development Services

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ATP Commercial Development is a Los Angeles commercial development consultation company that assists in acquiring, renovating, and reselling undervalued troubled residential properties throughout Los Angeles County and areas of Orange County. Our company aims to serve a niche market by providing renovated and updated commercial property that far exceed local market standards, achieved through our Los Angeles commercial development services. ATP Commercial Development assists private investors as well as developers with acquisitions, planning, construction, and private money lending. We work with various companies who help our clients fill the void between individual real estate investors and the large successful corporations by eliminating costly mistakes, bad advice, and lack of knowledge or contacts.

ATP Commercial Development has over 25 years of combined experience within the commercial real estate industry as well as construction and private money lending. Most clients who initially partner with ATP Commercial Development come from the typical world of money investment, where they are earning a low return on investment (ROI) in money market accounts, mutual funds, the stock market, and CDs. They often have finite knowledge of real estate investment, yet very much interested in higher returns through such investments. We make investing in commercial real estate development projects a reality for investors by using our knowledge to maximize their profits.


Los Angeles commercial development

Rental Residential Income Experts for Section 8 Low Income Housing
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ATP Commercial Development has set up its own proprietary system of valuation that allows us to more accurately determine the various costs and values associated with a property, in which in turn maximizes the asset resale value. We use our years of experience and our network of professionals to make each project a success. To increase the market value of our clients properties we implement the most advanced construction methods, such as current Los Angeles green construction and fire codes, while applying proven techniques that create functional floor plans which attract buyers. All of which can be acquired via our Los Angeles commercial development services.

ATP Commercial Development acquires commercial, single family, and multi-family properties. We have a proven track record in determining whether a property should be a quick sale or long term hold for an investor.


Los Angeles commercial development

Learn About Getting Additional Income By Building Multi-Unit Apartments

Expert Los Angeles Commercial Development Services

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Why do it yourself when ATP Commercial Development can do it for you?

ATP Commercial Development saves investors time, money, and eliminates stress by providing:

  • An established network of professionals that can find an inventory of valuable properties
  • Ability to successfully determine values to maximize profit
  • Quick and efficient process in closing on the acquisitions of properties
  • Expedited plan and permit approvals
  • Construction crews in place and ready to begin work
  • Competitive pricing on material and labor for renovations
  • Finished products far exceed market standards in quality
  • Real estate teams immediately available to market the property for a quick resale
  • Pulse on the market for a successful resale
  • Years of experience dealing with rent control
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